Learn how to enhance automotive manufacturing with government funding.

Date: Monday, September 11, 2017
Time: 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET
Location: Online Webinar via GoToWebinar

Webinar Takeaways - Find Funding For:

In this webinar, attendees will gain access to funding opportunities to support:

  • Productivity improvements, including lean and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation;
  • The development and adoption of innovative products, processes, and technologies for the industry;
  • Export expansion activities and supporting projects that will improve international competitiveness;
  • The creation of fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly new technologies; and
  • High-skill training to improve productivity and enable new production capabilities.

Automotive production is a key pillar of Canada’s manufacturing industry, accounting for a significant portion of the manufacturing sectors’ cross-border trade, sales, and gross domestic product (GDP). Since the last recession, automotive production has rebounded as consumer demand for motor vehicles increased in 2009 in both the US and Canada. The Canadian federal and provincial governments have created a range of automotive and manufacturing funding programs to aid this key industry and ensure its competitiveness on a global scale.


Funding Webinar Prerequisites

Prerequisites for most Canadian government funding programs:

  • Incorporated in Canada for at least 2 years
  • Financially stable
  • Not a retailer/distributor
  • Not a start-up

NOTE: Seating priority is given to business owners. Professional advisors are asked to bring a business owner (client) to attend.

Webinar Speaker

Bernadeen McLeod
President and Founder, Mentor Works Ltd.

Bernadeen McLeod.jpg

Bernadeen worked in the corporate arena for 18 years as an executive and general manager in the manufacturing sector. With considerable expertise in government funding, both on a federal and provincial level, Bernadeen understands the aspects most critical to a successful Proactive Funding Plan™.

She plays to win, and recognizes the importance of cash flow and margins. This enables her clients to succeed and access larger government funding wins than otherwise available.

BONUS: Free Funding Info Sheet for Attendees Only

Gain insight into these opportunity by accessing a free download exclusive to webinar attendees.