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Discover VR hardware and software technology development opportunities

Virtual Reality Book Full ResolutionAre you a Canadian technology developer that's exploring ways to join or gain market share in the virtual reality sector? There are more ways to contribute to this emerging space than ever before; with hardware and software innovation happening at an incredible rate, tech developers are leveraging new trends to drive revenues and become key players.

The Virtual Reality Development Trends white paper provides insight into how technology developers can succeed by innovating VR. It reveals:

  • What is VR and How Can Canadian Firms Develop With It?
  • Virtual Reality Technology Development Timeline
  • Virtual Reality Opportunities for Technology Developers
  • How Canadian Technology Developers Can Capitalize on VR
  • How to Develop a Funding Plan for Technology Investments

Within each category, you will learn how to participate and profit in the evolution of virtual reality systems. There are also key takeaways on how to reduce VR research and innovation costs by accessing government funding.

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