Learn the ins and outs of Canadian government funding and incentives

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The process of finding and applying for the right government funding program can be time and resource consuming. For many businesses, this is the main reason why they do not access funding programs. To help expedite the process of discovering, qualifying, and understanding the application process for government funding programs, access this comprehensive guide of resources to encourage business investment. In this white paper you can expect to find:

  • Sources of Canadian Government Funding;
  • How to Qualify for Funding Programs;
  • How Recipients Obtain Funds;
  • Document Preparation Tips;
  • How to Receive Maximum Value Grants and Loans; and
  • How to Get Started with Government Funding Applications.

More than $684 billion in government subsidies have been provided to businesses since 1981. To maximize business financing and enhance growth plans, download the Canadian Small Business Funding Guide to understand how to successfully access government funding.