Free Funding Tool

Discover what upcoming projects may be eligible for government funding

Cash flow management is a critical factor for businesses and is required in order to making effective strategic investments. Understanding how to conceptualize projects, budget the project accurately, and maintain sufficient cash flow are all factors that will maximize the chances of project success. But where does the process begin? This project scheduling template will help business owners and executives to build a better project plan by:

  • Conceptualizing the project scope more closely;
  • Budgeting project expenses for up to three years;
  • Identifying potential Canadian government funding programs to apply for; and
  • Linking to resources where businesses can discover more information on Canadian government funding programs.

funding-calculator.jpgBy completing this project expenses schedule, companies can ensure that they will gain a deeper understanding of its strategic investment needs over the next 1-3 years. With this, businesses may begin building a proactive funding plan to recover project costs with Canadian small business grants and loans.