Tell us about your hires.
We'll match them with funding.

Submit your job description(s) and we'll respond within 1-2 business days*

By giving us some info on your upcoming hires, we'll help you discover hiring grants and wage subsidies for your new employees. 

Hiring grants allow you to:
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  • Offer competitive wages;
  • Grow and develop workforce skillsets;
  • Offset onboarding and training costs;
  • Attract new, unique talent and expertise;
  • Gain access to theoretical academic knowledge learned directly from post-secondary institutions; and
  • Increase business productivity;

Employers can apply for one or more upcoming positions, so let us know a bit about your hiring plans and we can help you determine the most appropriate path to funding.

*Post-secondary graduate must be under the age of 31, not currently or previously on payroll, a Canadian resident/citizen, and funding covers up to 50% of their salary for a predetermined amount of months up to a maximum dollar amount. Employers are not entitled to funding and it is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The fine print:

  • Business is incorporated and has business office space and internal resources for the new hire.
  • Candidate must be 15-30 years of age, a post-secondary graduate of a Canadian institution (2-3+ year program depending on program), and a permanent Canadian resident/citizen/refugee status.
  • Nepotism is ineligible.
  • You will need a scan/copy of their degree/diploma.
  • Obtain required general liability insurance for your candidate for the duration of the internship if a program requires it.
  • Keep the candidate off of payroll until you are accepted for funding.
  • Candidate must receive CPP/EI contributions for the duration of the internship.