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Discover how to support your exporting initiatives with government funding

Many Canadian businesses have untouched international markets where their product or service could succeed, but are unaware of the support available to help reach these markets. Through a range of incentive programs, companies can secure government grants to streamline the process of entering new markets and reduce the risks associated with exporting.

Export Grants SDMentor Works has complied four of the most popular export expansion funding programs in the Accessing Grants for Export Activities slide deck. It is a valuable reference for those interested in taking their company to global heights and seeking opportunities to advance, manage, and finance their business’ strategic growth projects.

In this slide deck, businesses will learn:

  • How funding can fit into the exporting process
  • The importance of a market entry plan
  • Federal and provincial government funding programs for export expansion
  • Exporting activities covered by funding, such as market research, language and cultural adaptation, and international trade shows

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