Essential Lift-off Tools for SME Manufacturers

Date: Thursday, August 22, 2010
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm ET
Location: Online Webinar via GoToWebinar

bigstock--208626898Canadian SME manufacturers strive to scale profitably while coping with global economic shifts, trade rules, and constantly morphing competition.

A common obstacle to profitable growth is inefficiency caused by error-prone data entry, paper-based tracking, inaccurate inventory, quality challenges, and unnecessary waste. The situation is compounded by multiple combinations of disconnected or outdated systems – and problems multiply as limited resources are expended to fix unintended and costly errors.

Most manufacturers fully understand the need to invest in technology to improve their ability to compete in a global market and are also acutely aware of the risks associated with major technology investments. For these reasons, Mentor Works has partnered with Plex, who offers industry-leading manufacturing ERP software to improve ROI across your business.  This webinar will provide insight into how an ERP can be financed and how you can best utilize on-site and third-party training. Whether you are scaling up and getting into ERP, modernizing, or replacing legacy ERP systems, this webinar is for you!

Webinar Takeaways

  • Discover how Canadian SME manufacturers in 2019 are routinely awarded capital expansion and workforce training loans
  • Find Canadian government grants that offset ERP technology investment and adoption across the shop floor
  • Understand how technology investments like the Plex Manufacturing Cloud software have helped companies integrate, consolidate, automate, and streamline their businesses

Funding Prerequisites

Prerequisites for most Canadian government funding programs:

  • Incorporated in Canada for at least 2 years
  • Financially stable
  • Not a retailer/distributor
  • Not a start-up

Webinar Host Organizations

  • Plex: Plex is the Manufacturing Cloud — connecting suppliers, materials, machines, and people to help you innovate, improve productivity, and achieve new levels of quality and efficiency.
  • Mentor Works Ltd.Partners with Canadian businesses to to optimize cash flow and accelerate growth/innovation by accessing government grants and loans.

Webinar Speakers

James Blackmore
Account Executive, Plex Systems

0James works for Plex Systems as an Account Executive and leads Plex's Canadian sales division. James has built an extensive background in manufacturing process improvement and ERP systems from his 4+ years with Plex Systems and previously with Oracle’s NetSuite. Manufacturing is a big part of Ontario's economy and it's an honour for James to work with local manufacturers to help improve their operational effectivity.

Brenda Cane Blackwell

Business Development Executive, Mentor Works Ltd.

BrendaWOBrenda helps guide the strategic positioning of Canadian SMEs seeking market growth, enterprise digitization and workforce development. With graduate degrees in Marketing and Business Communications, New Media Management, and Adult Education, she brings a wealth of academic and applied knowledge to the Mentor Works team. As a former member of the Team Canada Trade Mission, she has a critical understanding of how Canadian companies can develop brands for international audiences. 

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